Explore, Experience & Engage

Every organisation requires people to collaborate. Here we offer the opportunity to learn about, acquire and apply the skills we believe are required for more effective collaboration. We have developed our own "Collaborative canvas" based on Martin's Phd on the subject together with years of applying it within organisations. You can start with a half-day of discovery, dive straight into a diagnosis or seek our help in putting a collaborative governance in place. 


Explore - Learn

DeepCo has developed our own canvas which identifies the individual and group behaviours, as well as the tools, which influence more effective collaboration. This (half-)day session is designed to introduce you to the canvas and start using it as a tool within your organisation.


Experience - Test

Beyond discovery, we have developed several specific trainings and an interactive 2 day workshop which enables organisations to test their collaborative skills so they can feel the difference between simply working together and deep collaboration. This is perfect for piloting new tools & techniques or in the formation of new teams and organisations.


Engage - Implement

Do you want to evolve your organisational structure and governance model to foster deeper collaboration? We will diagnose the current collaborative environment (culture + structure), and make recommendations on how to improve it step by step.

We can then decide if we want to go together on that journey...