Expert en dynamiques collaboratives

Martin just lives in a collaborative world, from co-housing to transition networks, until his professional life, naturally. 

He started as a consultant in IT, where he brought a facilitator's mind in Business Analysts' work, during 6 years, at 10+ clients side, in all industries (KBC, France Telecom, The Post, MSD, Electrabel...). 

He then undertook a PhD thesis on the topic of collaboration between IT and "normal" people ;-). Successfully defending the thesis "co-creating sustainable systems", he is one of the very few "doctors in collaboration" that you will find in Belgium... 

During the research, Martin published many peer-reviewed articles, but more importantly did not stop experimenting in the real life with group practice. In particular he got the time to fine-tune his favorite technique for training collaborative skills: improvisational theatre. You will learn more about this on his second spin-off's website: 

Martin is a regular keynote speaker, his opinions regularly invited in the media, radio or written press.

Combine experience with freshness, academic background with practical understanding, facilitation and consulting skills, you get who you need to talk about deep collaboration.


Social entrepreneur, co-finance and open innovation expert

I worked in a multi-national business environment for over 15 years. I experienced virtual teams, transversals teams, matrix organisations and most other forms of collaboration within companies. It was seldom easy or effective.

For the past 4 years, I've spent most of my time co-creating start-ups. Building teams from scratch which integrate collaboration within their DNA. 

The contrast between these two worlds is amazing but they also share a lot of the same issues when it comes to collaboration. Ego, leadership, communication, decision making etc... Once you have more than two people working together, it is important that each one understands what it takes to co-create and collaborate and what that means in terms of their behaviour. This is why I co-founded DeepCo with Martin.

I tend to apply the startup mindset to every project I'm involved in, so expect moving quick and getting out of your comfort zone, in particular as a leader of new kinds of organisations.

If you really believe that strong teams is a critical success factor, invest in them and their collaborative skills!