2-days workshop around reinventing collaboration

The world is moving into a new era of collaboration. In this new era, collaboration is no longer only defined by the need to work together “because we have to", but also because we actually enjoy doing so. 

Deep collaborative approaches like Participatory Governance (Sociocracy, Holacracy...), Co-Design, Open Innovation, Crowdfunding, Sharing Economy and many others are attracting more attention every day, and are shaping what we call a "Collaborative Transition". It is impacting how people organisise themselves, how decisions are taken, how they are financed and how they innovate with their eco-systems.

This workshop is designed for individuals or teams who want to explore how to collaborate deeper and to co-create a new way of working for them and those around them. 


During the workshop we will implement new ways of collaborating and not simply talk about them. We will test them, play with them, and see the value directly. As we practice what we preach, be ready to “let go”, to interact in a different way and to have fun. Expect some digital detox, this is a PowerPoint-free certified training ;-).


Day 1

The first session uses the “Collaborative Creativity Canvas”, a tool designed in house, to diagnose your existing approach to co-creation and collaboration. It questions individual skills, managerial approaches, and cultural aspects. It forms the basis for your reflexion on how to create the "Minimum Viable Structure" which enables people to collaborate and co-create in a way which respects their needs and those of the team.

The second session focuses on enhancing your soft skills using a unique experience-based learning tool, based on improvised theatre, with our partners "Talkin' To Me?". You will be required togo beyond your comfort zone and experience trust (in you, in others), distributed responsibility, assertiveness, effective communication… in short: co-creation.


Day 2

The third session will explore the “harder” skills, tools and processes needed to support effective collaboration. How do we interact in an environment which isn’t built on hierarchies, politics, fear or greed? This includes elements of participative governance, efficient meeting facilitation with sociocracy, non-violent communication, active listening, co-financing, co-design, ICT tools such as Slack, Loomio etc…

During the forth session, we will try to put it all together, based on scenarios which are brought to the workshop by the participants themselves. The goal is not just to learn the theory, but to leave the workshop already with some of the skills and tools you can already apply in your daily life.

Other Trainings

Include: Collaborative Skills, Non-Violent Communication, Facilitation skills, Mediation skills... Always in an interactive, experiential and fun way.


If you or your organisation is interested in having this workshop, or any other training, just get in touch!

David@deepco.be. Or : +32 495 54 99 19. Or this good old form !

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