If you are convinced that your organisation needs to co-create and collaborate differently and you want to integrate this into your culture and organisational structure, we can accompany you on that journey. 

Our starting point is "deep listening" so we can provide you with an objective view on how collaboration works within your organisation today and where the strengths & weaknesses are.

Through individual interviews and group meetings, we look at a range of topics from:

  • Vision, Mission, Values and how that translates into behaviours and culture
  • Tension sensing to ensure that as we move into our new governance structure, we leave the old baggage behind
  • Identification of topics where we can test new consultation and decision processes and adjust in agile, lean mode
  • A series of trainings to help develop new behaviours such as active listening, non-violent communication, facilitation

The last step is to co-conceive a new governance structure together. Not everyone may want to go that far which is why we move step by step.


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