21st Century Collaboration


21st Century Collaboration

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Humanity is facing unprecedented challenges. We believe that our best chance to thrive is to reinvent the way we live as a society, from competition-centric to collaboration-centric.

Retrieveing pleasure and efficency in doing things together will both be the process and the outcome. This is why we have created DeepCo.

Do you want to co-create?

Do you want to improve the way you collaborate?

DeepCo helps organisations to adopt new forms of collaboration. 

We are entering an era of collaborating more, and differently. Peer-to-Peer business models, the sharing economy, crowdfunding, collective intelligence and collaborative governance, are all leading companies to reflect upon how they co-create and collaborate. 

DeepCo is a spin-off from the University of Namur where Martin Mahaux wrote his thesis on "Co-Creating Sustainable Systems". The applied research gave rise to the evolution of DeepCo's "Collaborative Creativity Canvas" which is designed to help individuals and organisations to understand the mindset, behaviours, culture and structure needed to foster true, "deep" collaboration.

The end goal is to help boost 2 things, that reinforce each other:

Performance & Resilience of organisations by engaging employees, clients and their ecosystem in more innovative, creative and collaborative ways of working together.

Well-being & Pleasure within the organisation by providing people with what they need: a sense of autonomy, competence and belonging.



3 Focus Areas

Finally seen together !

3 Focus Areas

Finally seen together !

As collaboration touches the "how" we do things, it is a mindset and set of behaviours which impacts everything we do, inside and outside of the organisation. We believe it makes sense to look at the organisation in its entirety rather than focus on single aspects, such as internal governance, in isolation. This results in a more coherent organisation that applies "deep" collaboration in everything it does. 


How do we consult and include people in decision making processes? How to we attribute roles and responsibilities? How to we manage tensions within the organisation? How do we engage customers and other actors in our ecosystem in the governance of our organisation?

=> Sociocratie, self-management, Reinventing Organizations, etc...

Finance and business models

How can we use co-financing models such as crowdfunding to share risk & reward and increase engagement with out business ecosystem? What is a "collaborative business model" and how do we evolve ours towards it?

=> P2P business models, crowdfunding, crowdsourcing, cooperatives etc...

Innovation and co-creation

How do we engage customers, partners & providers in co-creating new products and services?

=> Innovation Networks, Open Innovation, Design Thinking, Living Labs, FabLabs, Rapid Prototyping, etc...